Read all content at before getting into the content on this website. You need to develop and sharpen your ability to discern truth from distraction and deception. You need the basic knowledge of how life works to keep your priorities right and to be able to understand both worldly and spiritual meanings in the content here.


All the content in The Present is required reading for anyone who explores this website. The truths revealed in The Present are essential to the transformation of your own mind. New Order World is a bridge between the minds of this world and the effort for universal truth at The Truth Contest. This page will make a lot more sense to those who have read and understood The Present, and the ideas and concepts at this website will not be truly effective without the ultimate truth of life being understood and spread.


Read and download the Ultimate Truth in 3 pages, or see/hear it in video:



Truth will turn our world right-side up, starting in each of our minds. Instead of continuing to live as blind slaves to the order of the beast, we will awaken to the order of the Spirit, the evolutionary agenda towards the perfection of Life. Spirit is the intelligence of the universe, that which guides the unfolding of life and the evolution of awareness. This intelligence (collective unconscious) permeates everything, all of life. There are two distinct categories of this collective unconscious mind; the animal mind (called Satan by religions), and spiritual mind (divine mind). We are in the process of transitioning from animal to divine.


New Order World is not rising up to fight, hate, or get in any power struggle with the beast. We are here to expose and raise awareness of the root of all problems we face, our true adversary, Satan, the devil/mind, and the deceptions it creates, while revealing the divine agenda and order, called the Holy Spirit by religions. We all must seek the truth and make the transition ourselves while we have this rare opportunity as humans.

As the reality that casts the shadows of this world is unveiled, the self-evident truth of life can no longer be ignored or avoided by those who are able to recognize it and ready to walk the path. We are looking for those who are ready to help turn this world right-side up. Are you ready to recognize and abide in truth, or will you remain lost in falsehood?


"The universe as it relates to conscious life can be understood now. It is the ultimate truth; the truth that will transform mankind and the world." ~ from page 2 of The Present

Truth itself and the knowledge that leads to knowing truth is the foundation for the new order of Spirit. The beast in the mind of mankind will be put in it's place, behind the Spirit of Life. We will rebuild this world and its laws, from the foundation up. The foundation of the pyramid will be seen as much more important than the tip of the pyramid. People think and believe that the 'privileged elite' at the top have great power, but it's only a passing illusion created by their minds, and a delusion for all those who aspire to climb to the top. Life is the only, ultimate power, for everyone, all the time. What goes around comes around for everyone, regardless of what we do, think or believe. How tragic it is to be blind to the balance of life, trapped in vicious cycles, living on the edge. Relinquish aspirations for power & control. Focus all energy on self-transformation.

Just about everyone in and of this world is falling for the illusion of power/control, believing that there are people with great power at the top who run this world and control our minds, and that we have to take the power back. This mass belief is what gives 'them' more power than anything else. The human animals in power may run society, but they do not run Life. People are blind to the perfect balance of the universe, but the apocalypse (unveiling) is going to change our awareness. The truth is, the people at the 'top' are more slaves than anyone else. All these people planning and carrying out elaborate schemes to control people are slaves to their own controlling, deceiving minds. They are slaves to the order of the beast, completely blind to the divine order of Spirit. Starting with this key knowledge, we can stop externalizing freedom outside of our heads, and work with the divine mind to unveil the truth, which will turn our world right-side up.